The Observatory of innovation markets

Our market reports programme deliver an international view of today’s outstanding tech issues, for both the ICT industry and traditional sectors in the throes of a digital transformation. Our approach combines technological expertise, analysis, economic modelling and an ongoing dialogue with the ecosystem’s key players, to provide our readers with insightful snapshots of today’s markets, along with supporting data, and development forecasts for the next five to ten years.

The seven collections that make up the programme cover new gen network (FTTx, 5G) analysis, core tech markets (TV and digital content, the digital economy and future markets), the transformations at work in industries and services (Smart Verticals, Smart Cities) and Emerging Tech.

Our catalogue includes close to 200 deliverables, including 60 new publications a year: granular quantitative data (10 datasets), benchmark reports, in-depth analytical reports and briefs on hot topics in the news.

Discover our latest reports

  • Telecom FTTx & Gigabit Society

    World Telecom CapEx Dynamics - Dataset & Report

    Telcos’ & OTT players’ investment challenges

    Plus d’informations

  • Telecom Wireless 5G

    Rakuten: a greenfield mobile operator

    Can virtualisation really help a greenfield player?

    30 pages -

    Plus d’informations

  • Telecom Digital Economy

    Open Innovation & Telecoms Incubators

    Benchmark of telcos' corporate incubators

    33 pages -

    Plus d’informations

  • Media Future TV & Digital Content


    The Netflix of Sport?

    21 pages -

    Plus d’informations

  • Internet Smart Verticals & IoT

    National Public Policies on IoT - Transport

    World benchmark for transport

    60 pages -

    Plus d’informations