Global tracking of key Internet services, and insights into the challenges facing the telcos.


  • What crucial impacts is the Internet industry having on the telcos and the telecom industry as a whole?
  • Which digital segments are the sweet spots for telcos?
  • How is the regulatory environment evolving for both the telco and Internet markets?
  • What are the key trends, the big movers and innovative strategies in these markets?
  • What can the KPIs tell us when comparing the top telco and Internet players?

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Point of view of

Soichï Nakajima

Soichï Nakajima

IDATE DigiWorld

“This stream concentrates on the impacts and implications the Internet industry is having on the telcos and the telecom industry as a whole. Policy makers and strategic teams will benefit from gaining first hand knowledge of the dynamics of both these industries and on how they interact and intertwine, aiding the decision making process to understand and stay ahead of these changing industries.”

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