We deliver our analysis of the overriding transformations at work in the digital world. Originally built around telecoms and IT, the status quo is now being challenged by the development of Internet, OTT players and a host of emerging digital technologies. We project our analysis over the next five to ten years to understand how the world’s ecosystems and markets are likely to evolve, with particular focus on Europe, the United States and Asia/Pacific.


  • What are the telecoms and Internet market dynamics, region by region?
  • What strategies are the top OTT players and especially platforms employing?
  • What role can Europe play in the digital ecosystem in 2030 given the rising power of Chinese players and US companies’ dominance of software segments?
  • Who are the up and coming innovators capable of subverting the status quo?
  • How are traditional sectors being affected by the digital revolution (retail, media, etc.)?



A word from our expert

Didier Pouillot

Didier Pouillot

Telecom Markets and Regulation practice Leader, IDATE DigiWorld

“The current wave of the digital transformation, following the rise of IT and Internet businesses, is shaking up and threatening the ICT sector’s traditional ecosystems by imposing new business models (platform, ad-based, PAYG with the cloud, etc.). Digital technology is making its way into every sector, but ICT players are seeing new opportunities arise. The divisions between traditional and digital sectors are thus increasingly tenuous, as everything is getting phygital – i.e. the physical and digital environments are increasingly intertwined.”

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