We analyse emerging digital technologies, their issues and challenges, development prospects and potential impact on traditional and new tech industries.


  • What are the new key technologies to be mastered between now and 2025? And which companies are already emerging as leaders?
  • What sectors of application will benefit the most from deep learning?
  • Can vertical sector players hold their own against Big Tech in the age of artificial intelligence?
  • Will robotics become ubiquitous?
  • What applications for blockchain technology, beyond cryptocurrency?
  • Do virtual reality, augmented/mixed reality and vocal assistants foreshadow a new generation of user interface? Or will they remain confined to niche uses?
  • Will edge computing become a new battleground between telcos and Internet giants?



A word from our expert

Vincent Bonneau

Vincent Bonneau

Innovation Business Unit Director, IDATE DigiWorld

“Digital technologies are already disrupting our daily lives, and bringing about dramatic changes in veteran industries. But there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the potential impact of the more nascent technologies, as some trends are petering out while others appear to herald profound change. Our technical-economic analysis combines an in-depth understanding of technical progress and analysis of market issues, providing you with the keys to understanding and identifying the true potential of emerging technologies.”

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