Technical-economic expertise to help you decipher the profound changes that digital technology is bringing to content industries.


  • Are publishers’ and producers’ national and pan-European syndication strategies an effective response to the massive success of international OTT services?
  • Can telcos still win the content battle?
  • What opportunities will 5G open up for video and content industry players?
  • Does the revival of piracy caused by streaming pose a serious threat to premium content (sport, films, series) and DRM?
  • How do technological innovations (augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence) and related industries (e-sport/video games) impact content markets and players?



A word from our expert

Jacques Bajon

Jacques Bajon

Consultant, Media, Distribution, Convergence Telecom-Media, IDATE DigiWorld

“At a time when content (video, games, music, sport, etc.) has become so highly coveted by all, veteran content providers are seeing dark clouds rolling in, as the threat from telcos and current and future Internet giants looms. In this era of massive upheaval, we provide stakeholders with the keys to understanding the strategic technical, economic and regulatory issues and challenges they will be facing in the coming months and years, in addition to helping them identify the opportunities available, and delivering a 360° view of this fast-changing ecosystem.”

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