In this fast-changing market, we are using our unique expertise in TV to explain every facet of the OTT migration.


  • Are TV/video industry players bound to merge and go global just to survive?
  • Media-telecom convergence, Act II:are the conditions for success in place?
  • Can GAFA become the new TV/video industry giants?
  • Does broadcasting still have a future in an OTT world?
  • If content is still king, what and where is the value?

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Point of view of

Florence Le Borgne

Florence Le Borgne

IDATE DigiWorld

“In a rapidly changing environment, there is an underlying need for a real understanding of those factors – strategic, technical, economical, regulatory – that will influence audiovisual markets in the near future. Players from the entire audiovisual value chain can benefit from our expertise – TV networks, producers, broadcasters, cablecos, telcos, satellite operators, Internet companies, public bodies – to obtain a 360° view of this ecosystem in the throes of major upheaval” »

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