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  • G.Fast is now operational in several countries: is it complementary or a proper alternative to FTTH and other high-speed BB technologies? Is price the only key consideration?
  • Can FTTH be a persuasive NGA solution compared to high-speed mobile networks in emerging countries?
  • What Innovative Business Models to monetize FTTH networks?
  • What impact will emerging Gigabit access plans have on the supply side?
  • How are public initiatives driving the shift to FTTH?


Point of view of

Roland Montagne

Roland Montagne

IDATE DigiWorld

“For all telcos and MNOs, FTTH is clearly the end game but questions over the roadmap remain: Is copper definitely dead? Is Gigabit-speed access already necessary? Can wireline and 5G compete with fibre, or is fibre the only choice for 5G small cells backhaul?”

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