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  • G.Fast is now operational in several countries: is it complementary or a proper alternative to FTTH and other high-speed BB technologies? Is price the only key consideration?
  • Can FTTH be a persuasive NGA solution compared to high-speed mobile networks in emerging countries?
  • What Innovative Business Models to monetize FTTH networks?
  • What impact will emerging Gigabit access plans have on the supply side?
  • How are public initiatives driving the shift to FTTH?

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Point of view of

Roland Montagne

Roland Montagne

IDATE DigiWorld

“For all telcos and MNOs, FTTH is clearly the end game but questions over the roadmap remain: Is copper definitely dead? Is Gigabit-speed access already necessary? Can wireline and 5G compete with fibre, or is fibre the only choice for 5G small cells backhaul?”

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