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  • Can FTTx solutions compete with high-speed wireless technologies in emerging countries?
  • What are the new business models that players are using to monetise their FTTH networks?
  • Does the deployment of G.Fast solutions change how new FTTH networks are deployed?
  • Are FTTH networks furthering the development of convergent services?
  • What role can and should government and regional organisations play in expanding FTTH networks?
  • Has the supply model for broadband networks been aff ected by the establishment of the Gigabit Society?

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Point of view of

Jean-Luc Lemmens

Jean-Luc Lemmens

Head of Media-Telecom Business Unit IDATE DigiWorld

“For all telcos and cablecos, the ultimate goal is clearly to push fibre closer and closer to end users. However, many questions remain over the overall business model: what pace of rollouts
and how to monetise their systems? Will the roadmap for full FTTH rollouts be affected by alternative technologies such as G.Fast or 5G WTTx solutions? Can the Gigabit society target defined by public authorities generate enough value-creation opportunities to secure telcos’ and cablecos’ return on investment?”

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