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  • Can superfast mobile technologies provide a solid alternative to FTTx in developing countries?
  • What new business models are telcos adopting to monetise their FTTH networks? What role are wholesale operators playing?
  • Does the deployment of G.Fast solutions change the way new FTTH networks are deployed?
  • Will 5G be a complement to or competitor for FTTx?
  • Do FTTH networks bolster the development of convergent services?
  • What role can and should government and regional bodies play in FTTH network development?
  • What forms could government funding take? And what impact will it have?
  • Has the supply side of broadband networks been affected by the advent of the Gigabit society?
  • What cost structures for FTTx networks?



A word from our expert

Didier Pouillot

Didier Pouillot

Wireline services practice Leader, IDATE DigiWorld

“For telcos and cablecos, the ultimate goal is to pull fibre as close to user premises as possible.
But there are still a great many unanswered questions over business models, including: what rate of deployment and what monetisation strategy? How much financial support can the public sector provide?
Can authorities’ “Gigabit Society” objective generate value-creation opportunities that will guarantee a high enough return on investment?
Will FTTH as a whole be affected by alternative technologies like G.Fast or 5G WTTx? What role will FTTH play in emerging regions, and in Africa in particular?”

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