This report provides an insight into the evolution of the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite market, with a particular focus on key LEO satellite projects.
It also examines the reasons why FTTx players should capitalise on LEO constellations to improve broadband access.
Furthermore, the study presents a perspective on how LEO satellite companies can directly compete with ISPs, and finally, it outlines barriers to the development of LEO satellites.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview of LEO constellations

3. LEO satellites major projects
– Five major LEO constellation projects with different objectives
– Starlink
– Eutelsat – OneWeb
– Amazon – Kuiper
– Telesat – Lightspeed
– GalaxySpace

4. FTTx players can take advantage of LEO constellations to optimise the use of the technology
– Fibre access is highly reliable and fast…
– …but LEO satellites can be a solution to the limitations of fibre deployment
– LEO constellations can help bridge the digital divide with global coverage
– LEO constellations can be used for redundancy and backup to FTTx
– LEO constellations can be rapidly deployed in emergency situations
– LEO satellites can provide scalable and optimised bandwidth

5. LEO Satellites players as ISP competitors
– Starlink

6. Barriers to LEO satellite development
– Major barriers to LEO satellite development
– 5G networks could influence development of LEO satellites
– Regulatory approvals
– Financial challenges
– The ground station installation challenge for LEO satellite operators
– Space debris and the disappearance of satellites
– Astronomical research implications could be a potential barrier to LEO satellite development

Geographic area



  • Amazon
  • Galaxy Space
  • OneWeb
  • Starlink
  • Telesat

Other details

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  • Tags: Low Earth Orbit, LEO satellite constellations, LEO, FTTx, FTTH network

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