IDATE DigiWorld is one of Europe’s foremost ICT experts, specializing in telecom, media and Internet markets, and in digital regional development.

For more than 40 years, IDATE DigiWorld, Europe’s leading Think tank for the digital economy, has been deciphering, analysing and modelling disruptions, trends, weak signals and impacts of digital technologies on our society, our economy, our governments.

Our three activities – Think tank, Publications and Consulting – are the basis of our specific DNA which allows our members, our experts and our clients to co-construct an independent and positive thinking, on an international and European scale.

Today, we have more than 80 members – large international groups, start-ups, VSEs and ETIs, institutions, universities, local authorities and senior advisors  – who, together, produce a collective reflection to position the Think tank as an exchange platform, aggregation of ideas and proposals for the construction of an inclusive and responsible European digital industrial project.

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