Among the first to launch an LTE market watch service, we are currently tracking the accelerating pace of 5G network rollouts. Rollouts that are ushering the world into a new era of hyper-connectivity, delivering new features that extend well beyond just a boost in speed.


  • What are the latest inroads being made by 5G, following pioneer rollouts in the United States and South Korea? How are operators investing in and around 5G?
  • What percentage of mobile connections will be 5G by 2025? How is the transition from 4G and the shutdown of 2G/3G networks progressing?
  • Will 5G satisfy the needs of vertical markets? How will it be positioned with respect to IoT technologies in general, and LPWA in particular?
  • Will less advanced countries benefit from 5G to the same degree?
  • In what ways is 5G central to security issues?
  • What will the key 5G markets be in the short and medium-term, notably with respect to eMBB and FWA?
  • How will 5G innovations (mmWave bands, network slicing, edge, etc.) pave the way for new markets?



A word from our expert

Carole Manero

Carole Manero

Wireless Services practice leader, IDATE DigiWorld

“5G is now a reality in several countries, and service rollouts are expected to accelerate in 2019 and 2020. 5G is much more than just a new mobile technology: it represents a major development and innovation milestone in our increasingly connected world. We are forecasting 1.7 billion 5G SIM cards will be in use by the end of 2025.”




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