In today’s fast-growing sector, we provide you with the keys to understanding how the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing in the different industry sectors, and how its adoption – in combination with other technologies (artificial intelligence, analytics/Big Data) – has the ability to disrupt these industries, their business models and their ecosystems.


  • What qualitative and quantitative opportunities are opening up for IoT in vertical markets? How are the automotive (notably autonomous car), health, farming, smart building, transport and logistics segments developing?
  • What are the main use cases in each vertical market?
  • What are the key markets for solution providers (hardware, connectivity, platforms and services)?
  • Who are the IoT ecosystem’s key players? How are telcos positioning themselves, beyond M2M markets?
  • What is driving IoT adoption in the different vertical markets?
  • What are the key IoT technologies? What role is LPWA playing, compared to 5G?



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