Understanding player strategies and tracking telecom network rollouts

Our approach

We help operators, manufacturers, public policymakers and local authorities with key ultrafast access development issues, thank to one of the best teams in the world specialising in network access, and particularly FTTH.

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The right information and clear, relevant analysis to help with your technical, marketing, strategic, financial and investment decision-making on ultrafast access:

Anticipate changes in the marketplace

  • Status of infrastructure rollouts internationally and in each major region
  • Benchmark of rollout models around the globe
  • Detailed snapshot of rollouts and subscription (geographical markets, products…) and growth outlook
  • Benchmark of broadband and ultrafast broadband services and pricing
  • Market forecasts, demand modelling
  • Analysis of the competition landscape: key players’ positioning and anticipating possible changes in strategy in response to technological disruptions
  • Impact of public policies on increasing coverage levels and bolstering market momentum.

Evaluate the economics of technological choices

  • Analysis of technological developments
    from equipment suppliers and their impact on carrier strategies
  • Technology benchmarks, analysis of networks’ technical-economic performance
  • Modelling the evolution of coverage, by infrastructure and geomarketing (maps)
  • Deployment cost analysis
  • Elaboration of Business plan
  • Participation in due diligence procedures: technical audit, business model assessment, market context…

Accompany project owners

  • In drafting a superfast rollout scheme:identifying problems, possible solutions, ensuring effective implementation, drawing on experienced-based knowledge
  • Tracking superfast projects’ implementation: avancement des déploiements, performances techniques, performances commerciales

They trust in our team of experts

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Roland Montagne

Head of Digital and Sustainable Territories, Principal Analyst FTTH
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