Published annually, the Digiworld Yearbook, delivers a concise snapshot of the world’s digital markets


The industry companion

Over the past 17 plus years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has taken hold as the report of reference for insights into global industry trends and future scenarios. Every year, it provides readers with an analysis of the latest trends in telecom, internet and media markets, and in the sectors that are driving today’s digital transformation:

  • Connected cars,
  • Financial and insurance services,
  • Healthcare,
  • Retail,
  • The sharing economy,
  • …and many more.


Some figures...

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What will you find in the DigiWorld Yearbook?

A detailed snapshot delivered through in-depth analysis and key figures on core sectors:

  • Key trends and development scenarios for the digital economy in 2025
  • The global economy and digital markets
  • Telecom markets and services
  • TV and video content and markets
  • IT, software and network equipment
  • Internet services and players
  • Consumer electronics
  • Vertical markets
  • The DigiWorld Chronicle
  • Regional data

Who is for it ?

  • Industry professionals who need to keep up with the latest market trends
  • Journalists who need to put their analyses in perspective
  • Teachers and students wanting to deepen their research and knowledge
  • Anyone who is passionate about and wants to better understand the ins and outs of our digital world.