Over the past 20 years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has become an industry reference for understanding the digital economy.

Every year, IDATE DigiWorld experts analyse the main events and key figures for digital tech (telecoms, Internet, media and Internet of Things) markets, and the sector’s stakeholders.

The DigiWorld Yearbook thus delivers a concise summary of digital market trends around the globe, enabling a forward-looking approach that incorporates vertical markets (transport, farming, health, industry…), geopolitical dynamics, geographic specialisation and positioning with respect to emerging technologies with the power to disrupt the status quo.

Table of contents

• Forewords
• DigiWorld markets by sector and region

01 – Access and telecom services
• Telecommunications market
• Gigabit access
• 5G
• Investment
• Virtualisation
• Fixed-Wireless Access
• Set-Top Boxes
• Copper switch-off

02 – Internet services
• Internet services market
• Online advertising
• E-commerce
• Cloud computing
• Mobile apps
• Social media
• Communication services

03 – Contents
• Content markets
• Television
• Sport content
• TV series and film content
• Video games
• eSports
• Music
• Books

04 – Vertical markets and IoT
• IoT markets
• Autonomous vehicles
• Smart ageing
• Industry
• Smart cities
• Logistics
• Smart farming
• Building automation

05 – Digital geopolitics
• Leadership
• Europe
• China
• South Korea
• Japan
• Africa
• Middle-East
• Latin America
• Russia

06 – Emerging Tech
• Digital innovation
• Artificial Intelligence
• Robotics
• Blockchain
• Edge computing
• 6G
• Augmented and virtual reality
• New generation satellites

Geographic area

  • Russia
Latin America World Asia-Pacific
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
North America
  • United States

Other details

  • Reference: DWI203A
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: 5G, 6G, access services, Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, books, building automation, cloud computing, communication services, content markets, copper switch-off, digital geopolitics, digital innovation, E-Commerce, edge computing, emerging tech, eSports, film content, fixed-wireless access, Gigabit access, Internet services, IoT markets, logistics, mobile apps, music, online advertising, robotics, Satellites, set-top boxes, smart ageing, smart cities, smart farming, Social media, sport content, Telecom Services, telecommunications market, Television, TV Series, vertical markets, video games, virtual reality, virtualisation

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