An international, English-language quarterly devoted to the core issues shaping the digital industry, explored by the finest academic minds from around the world.

The rigor and demands of an international academic publication

  • A dual objective :
    • provide fresh approaches and analyses,
    • supply bibliographical references on industry issues, allowing industry leaders and public policymakers to access academic works,
    • stimulate academics’ and economists’ interest in digital industry issues.
  • Four thematic issues per year: every three months the DigiWorld Economic Journal publishes an issue focused largely on a single theme, overseen by a top-flight editorial team that coordinates the call for papers, and the selected articles’ review by an independent committee of experts.
  • Each issue also includes articles on the following:  Regulation & Competition, Firms & Markets, Technical Innovations, Public Policies, Book Review, Events…
  • The quarterly also aims to help fuel discussions between the different teams of economists involved in the topic being explored, and to associate each issue’s dossier with symposiums and seminars being held on that same topic.

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