The growth in Internet usage and the diversification of online activities have increased the risk of users being confronted with illegal content. Recognising the need to regulate Internet content at a European level, the Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to make online intermediary service providers more accountable and to level the European digital playing field.

The purpose of this report is to explain the new obligations imposed by the DSA on providers of digital services. These obligations vary according to the size and market weight of the companies concerned. Large online platforms and search engines are particularly affected by the provisions.

We will then detail the concrete impacts of DSA on the digital market, from an economic and societal point of view.

Finally, we will present the criticisms of the DSA which are put forward by the various digital players.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Framework of the Digital Services Act
2.1. Context
2.2 Objectives and players
2.3. Obligations imposed by the DSA
2.4. Sanctions prescribed by the DSA

3. Impacts of the Digital Services Act
• Overall economic, societal and political benefits
• Concrete impacts on the digital market
• Quantitative and qualitative impacts of the DSA

4. Criticisms of the Digital Services Act from the digital ecosystem
• Summary of general criticisms from the digital market ecosystem
• Summary of criticisms from consumer protection associations
• Summary of criticisms from digital market players
• Technical and financial barriers according to digital companies

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Other details

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  • Tags: digital companies, digital ecosystem, digital market, digital players, Digital Services, Digital Services Act, DSA, Internet content regulation

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