Understand what’s driving regions’ digital transformation and assist public authorities and private sector players in drafting their digital policies

Our approach

Our consultants have longstanding expertise in regional digital development, and assist and advise public authorities during every stage of their regional digital transformation policymaking and project design processes: from digital blueprint to project evaluation.

We also help private sector players in their analysis of markets and of the sectors that affect their positioning in the smart region.

Tell us what you need

Drawing on our recognised expertise and experience, we help our customers understand the issues and challenges involved in their region’s digital transformation, and determine the best courses of action based on local requirements:

Measure digital technology usage and behaviour in the region: scoreboard/digital market barometer

  • Provide public policymakers with data on digital technology and service use amongst different target groups
  • Monitor and adapt the results and impact of digital public policies
  • Make contextual data available as open data
  • Provide regional benchmarks

Define strategies for developing digital services and their adoption – regional digital transformation

  • Define regional targets and outcomes
  • Determine priority courses of action to support the development of digital services and their adoption
  • Coordinate the involvement of the different digital market stakeholders in the region
  • Ensure consistent digital infrastructure deployments

Structure local digital innovation

  • Deliver a “Flash diagnosis” of the priority areas of digital innovation for the region: tourism, eHealth, the silver economy, environment, circular economy…
  • Provide a SWOT analysis of digital innovation sectors and identify their regional value-added and comparative advantages
  • Determine the measures and actions for structuring the branches of digital innovation (management, supervision, support, financing, etc. structures).

Provide support throughout the different stages of the project

  • Structure project expectations and targets
  • Coordinate implementation
  • Mobilise the different stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Ensure the project’s evaluation and promotion

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Philippe Baudouin

Digital Uses and Territories​ Community Leader
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