Understanding what is at stake in telecom markets’ and the telecom ecosystem’s transformation

Our Approach

Drawing on 30 years’ experience tracking telecom markets and operators in Europe and around the world, we analyse trends, the regulatory, competition, technologies, usage, etc. factors undergirding these trends, and deliver medium and long-term industry forecast scenarios.


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Measure how the economics of the telecom sector and its environment are evolving, to anticipate change and assist in decision-making, as much for public authorities (regulatory policies, market organisation models…) as private sector players (investments, positioning, products…):

Understand the telecom sector’s regulatory, technological and industrial issues

  • Obtain a state of the art of regulation and accompany changes:
    • Regulation benchmarks
    • Preparation of regulatory reviews
  • Evaluate the prospects surrounding new technologies (NGA, virtualisation, cloud…)
  • Measure the impact of the markets’ industrial organisation:
    • Impact of competition on market dynamics
    • Issues surrounding market consolidation

Measure the markets’ evolution, geographically and by segment

  • Analyse telecom service market trends, historical and forecast:
    • by segment : fixe/mobile, voix/data, B2C/B2B…
    • geographically: by country, region, worldwide
    • according to various indicators: revenue, investment, take-up, traffic…
  • Compare operators’ performances:
    • Comparative analysis of economic indicators
    • Evolution over time (revenue, EBITDA margins, investment rates)

Evaluate growth outlook

  • Evaluate the market for new products:
    • Market studies
    • Competition benchmarks
    • Modelling
  • Measure the potential of new geographical markets:
    • Analyses by country/region
  • Assess partnership opportunities:
    • Need analysis
    • Prospect identification

Anticipate changes to operators’ business models

  • Pinpoint factors of change or disruption:
    • Regulatory factors
    • Technological progress
    • New consumption habits
  • Strategic foresight scenarios:
    • Which possible organisation(s) for the telecom industry in the long term?
    • What positioning(s) are open to operators?

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