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Our consultants, pioneers in M2M and IoT market analysis, will accompany you through every stage in the process, allowing you to position your business in these emerging technologies and/or markets and anticipate their impact on business models.

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Take advantage of the tremendous growth potential of this new stage in the internet revolution by integrating the technologies best suited to the truly growing markets, and adopting a realistic roadmap and business model.

Understand the technological issues and challenges

  • Obtain a state of the art on technological performance evaluation: range, speed, latency, consumption, spectrum, etc.
  • Evaluate the needs of verticals’ core applications
  • Anticipate upcoming waves of technological innovation:
    • Network technologies: cellular (2/3/4/5G), LPWA, NB-IOT, WAVE, satellite, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, Beacon…
    • Middleware, platforms and protocols: MQTT, COAP, LW M2M,6LowPAN, etc.
    • Security solutions
    • Analytics and Big Data solutions for IoT
    • Addressing and identification technologies: MS-ISDN, IMSI, SIP,…

Decipher how the IoT ecosystem is evolving

  • Strategic positioning: mapping out the value chain and competition between IT companies, equipment suppliers, module providers, OTT leaders…
  • Analysis of key alliances (GMA, LoRa Alliance,…) and existing partnerships
  • Monitoring standardisation efforts: LTE MTC, OneM2M,…

Adapt your business models to the specificities of the different vertical markets

  • Validation of business models
    • Internal optimisation
    • Servicisation strategies
    • Data monetisation strategies
    • Go-to-Market strategies: partnerships, B2B2C
  • Evaluation of usage and expectations: B2C, B2B surveys
  • Applications and case studies:
    • Automotive: connected cars, autonomous cars, V2X
    • Health: telemedicine, home care
    • Smart City : parking, waste management, lighting
    • Transport : connected trains & planes
    • Utilities : smart metering
    • Industry 4.0, smart home, wearables

Anticipate the consequences of regulation

  • Numbering applied to M2M
  • Constraints of spectrum licenses applied to IoT (incl. SRD)
  • Scarce resource management
  • Evolution of eUICC/e-SIM
  • Specificities of vertical markets and M2M regulation
  • Public policies

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Smart verticals, Cybersecurity, IoT Community Leader
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