Assess the consequences of the transition to digital services

Our approach

Our consultants will help you quantify markets and the changes surrounding the main digital platforms and services (web, mobile, tablet, etc.), as well as analyse the consequences of the migration to digital technologies.

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Obtain a complete analysis of the key stages in consumer OTT services’ evolution (B2C and B2B2C) and recent digital developments in traditional industries.

Measure and track the main Internet and digital markets

  • Estimates and forecasts for all Internet and digital markets in terms of value and/or traffic:social, mobile, content, sharing economy, e-commerce, payment…
  • Analysis of each type of product (fixed, mobile, tablet…) and/or business model

Analyse emerging business models and associated opportunities

  • Analysis of key OTT market players’ strategies (diversification, KPI, two-sided platform…)
  • Inventory of online services’ revenue and cost models (CDN, analytics, mobile apps, ad CPM/CPC, subscription, revenue sharing…)
  • Assessment of data monetisation and servicisation opportunities, including for traditional industries.

Understand the consequences of digital technologies’ development

  • Understand the state of the art of the main technologies and associated blocks (cloud, Big Data, social media…)
  • Anticipate the impact of emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, security, digital identity, blockchain, anonymisation services, virtualisation/SDN-NFV…)

Anticipate and influence the development of digital market regulation

  • Analysis of technical-economic issues, the latest industry events and their potential impact on regulation (taxes and fiscal policies, privacy, storage, net neutrality, platforms…)
  • Piracy impact assessment (streaming, P2P, cyberlockers, DRL…)

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Vincent Bonneau

IDATE Lab. Business Unit Director
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