This report analyses France’s superfast access rollout policy.

It details:

  • The current scheme (goals, regulatory measures, financial support), the technologies employed and how it applies across the country.
  • Superfast access Public Initiative Network (PIN) rollouts: management system, infrastructure operators, services provided.
  • A synthesis that enables readers to:
    • Analyse the national programme’s status with respect to set objectives, and to take stock of the latest developments;
    • Have an operator’s view of the French programme.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. The French model
2.1. France Très Haut Débit (2013 – 2022) scheme
2.2. Financial support model for superfast access networks in France
2.3. Technological choices
2.4. Regulatory measures
2.5. How is fibre being deployed across the country?

3. Spotlight on Public Initiative Networks (PIN)
3.1. The different ways Public Initiative Networks are managed
3.2. Calls for local expressions of interest
3.3. Infrastructure operators (IO) on PIN
3.4. Services offered on PIN

4. Scorecard and latest developments
4.1. Status of superfast access rollouts in France
4.2. Plan France Très Haut Débit supporting economic development
4.3. The French model’s limitations

List of tables and figures

List of tables and figures

2. The French model
• Map of FTTH rollouts carried out by private and public operators

3. Spotlight on Public Initiative Networks (PIN)
• AMEL commitments made and in validated in 2019
• Infrastructure operators’ footprint in France

4. Scorecard and latest developments
• Coverage by technology
• Status of combined FTTH rollouts has of H2 2019
• Status of consumption of government-allocated funds
• Job creation in France in 2019
• Breakdown of jobs created by the France Très Haut Débit scheme
• Number of broadband and superfast broadband subscriptions and annual net adds
• Operators’ estimated share of the fibre market as of Q2 2019

Geographic area

  • France

Other details

  • Reference: M19591MRA
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: France Très Haut Débit, infrastructure operators, public initiative networks, superfast access networks, superfast access programme

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