During the worst of the Covid-19 crisis, digital health had a major hand in slowing the epidemic, accelerating decision-making, ensuring healthcare continuity, and giving patients more autonomy in testing and monitoring their symptoms.
Digital solutions proved how efficient they can be for booking medical appointments, completing paperwork, providing remote consultations and ongoing monitoring outside the consultation setting.
The selection of admissions to emergency wards and the increased use of telemedicine also proved very helpful to healthcare and medical-social professionals in gaining access to patients’ data, especially for treating and monitoring them.

In France, however, the pace and procedures of health, social and medical-social players’ and organisations’ digital transformation has fallen short, and a more concerted effort needs to be made to develop and spur the adoption of digital health solutions.
This transformation must also provide citizens/patients with guarantees on the privacy of their data and their power of consent, to ensure the quality of the care and doctor-patient confidentiality.

In this report, we analyse digital health deployment from three angles: health, social and economic.

The purpose of this document is not to deliver an exhaustive account of the topic of digital health, but rather to provide an account of the discussions and explorations of IDATE DigiWorld’s Commission on eHealth, which met five times over the course of 2021.
The Commission’s work culminated in the proposal of 20 recommendations for the development of eHealth that reflect Commission members’ shared “vision”.

Table of contents

1. The vision of the IDATE DigiWorld’s Commission on eHealth

2. Digital health
2.1. The digital health value chain
2.2. Digital health platforms 6
• Examples: Doctolib – TokTokDoc – MesDocteurs – Deuxième Avis
2.3. Digital to make the transition from curative to preventive medicine
• Examples:  Freestyle Libre – Sémeia – Dedicated training programmes
2.4. Digital to improve analytical tools and assist in medical decision-making
• Examples:  Telecom4Health – Moovcare – Oncolaxy – Gleamer and Incepto – iScan Project
2.5. Our recommendations

3. Digital as a social force
3.1. Deploying eHealth in close connection with the local health ecosystem to help the most vulnerable
• Example: Health Plurielle
3.2. Digital to facilitate access to care and erase regional health inequalities
• Examples: H4D – IDx-DR
3.3. Digital as a tool of prevention and education on medical, social and health issues
• Examples: Yuka – CovidTracker
3.4. Digital to adapt medical approaches and protocols to realities in the field
• Examples: KanopyMed – Calyps – Urgences Chrono
3.5. Population-based responsibility approach
• Example: Five territories taking a proactive approach to trials
3.6. Our recommendations

4. Economic impact of digitising the care pathway
4.1. The “Ségur” national consultation on digital health
4.2. Taking a systemic approach to structuring care pathways between care facilities, ambulatory care, and medical-social establishments
4.3. Digital to perform healthcare professionals’ low value-added tasks and improve working conditions and the quality of care
• Example: Chronotime Workplace
4.4. Digital as a prevention tool, to generate positive, notably economic externalities
• Example: Autonom@Dom and IsèreADOM
4.5. Digital to develop businesses’ role in their employees’ health, and create positive economic externalities, notably by improving teams’ performance
• Examples: Kénora Santé au Travail – Kiplin
4.6. Digital to structure the health sector by involving private and public sector players
• Examples: Med Vallée – Banque des Territoires investments – Future4Care – Investment funds – Article 51 of the LFSS
4.7. Digital applications to optimise patients’ care pathway
• Examples: Digihosp Patient – Ysis – Engage
4.8. Our recommendations

5. To summarise

Geographic area

  • France


  • Calyps
  • Covidtracker
  • Deuxième Avis
  • Doctolib
  • Freestyle Libre
  • Gleamer
  • H4D
  • IDx-DR
  • Incepto
  • KanopyMed
  • MesDocteurs
  • Moovcare
  • Oncolaxy
  • Projet iScan
  • Sémeia
  • Telecom4Health
  • TokTokDoc
  • Urgences Chrono
  • Yuka

Other details

  • Reference: T00019A
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: Ehealth, digital health

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