As with any human activity, digital technology bears its share of responsibility for environmental issues. Long exempt from scrutiny and accountability, digital tech has now entered a period of growing awareness of its impact.
In 2020, IDATE’s Commission on Digital and the Ecological Transition provided the platform for disseminating a series of messages about the need to commit to digital sustainability and inclusion by taking a holistic view of digital technology, factoring in its ecological and societal aspects as much as its economic ones.

In 2021, the Commission wanted to highlight concrete examples of digital actions being taken that mark positive steps in the ecological transition, and formed three working groups composed of committed digital industry players – including Orange, SFR, Nokia, Inetum, PwC, Engie, HPE and – as well as Green IT practices to reduce the digital carbon footprint and IT for Green use case aimed at reducing other sector’s environmental footprint.

Table of contents

The position of the Digital and Environmental Transition IDATE’s commission

How can digital curtail its own carbon footprint?
• Quantifying the digital carbon footprint
• Manufacturing and user devices: the carbon Bigfoots
• Examples of Green IT policies to limit digital’s harmful effects on the environment

How can digital help reduce other sectors’ carbon footprint?
• A dual digital sector: both cause of and solution for environmental issues
• Quantifying digital’s positive effects on the environment
• Examples of IT Green policies, using digital technology to reduce other sectors’ carbon footprint

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Digital and Environmental Transition

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