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Our consultants, who have developed very close ties with key video game and entertainment industry players, can help you decipher the innovations and changes taking place in this vital industry, and assist you in your market analysis and strategic decision-making processes.

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We will work side by side to help you adapt to the new global media market environment, identify winning strategies based on the competition’s best practices, relevant data and changing regulation.

We can assist and advise you in a wide range of economic and industrial areas, from technological issues to core market analysis:

Understand technological and industry trends

  • A detailed, global view of the industry and its evolution over the medium term, from content production to eSports, by way of digital distribution issues.
  • Delivery of market development scenarios: impact of technological innovations on professions and content, content development strategies, editorial and technological partnerships, financing innovation and content creation, digital distribution strategies (Steam, Playstation Network, Microsoft Xbox Marketplace, Apple Appstore, Google Play…).
  • Measure the impact of new user behaviours, technologies and innovations on the sector’s and the value chains’ organisation (e.g.: impact of eSports on video game development, IoT market prospects in the video game sector).
  • Evaluation of the different video game market segments, new technologies and cultural shifts, including virtual, mixed and augmented reality, and the cloud gaming market segment.

Establish game development and distribution strategies

  • Assessment of winning market conditions and competitive advantages for a game’s go-to-market strategy, analysis of gamification processes for a gaming device or accessory,
  • Partner relations,
  • Market analysis, state of the art and competitive risks,
  • Identifying keys to success, design and development of a complete offer, from business model to digital distribution channel.

Analyse emerging business models

  • Identifying the right business model for the game (free-to-play, freemium, pay-per-play, episodic business model) and optimising acquisition, retention and content monetisation strategies.
  • Analysis of the components of cost-effective game design and economic trade-offs.
  • Analysis of the conditions for implementing an ARM (Acquisition – Retention – Monetisation) strategy.

Accompany studios and key video game industry players, along with players from stakeholder industries

  • Strategic support for businesses incorporating technical, communication and cultural issues
  • Identifying business opportunities and strategic partnerships for international development
  • Tracking the different phases for implementing the recommended strategies
  • Strategic networking

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Laurent Michaud

Consultant, Telecom Business Unit / Digital Economic Development & Creative Industries
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