Capitalise on the transformation underway in TV and digital media markets

Our approach

Recognised for their combined expertise in innovation, economic analysis and regulation, our consultants will decipher TV and digital media trends, and help you position your products and services, their distribution and business models, and understand associated public policies.

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We will work side by side to help you adapt to the new global media market environment, identify winning strategies based on the competition’s best practices, relevant data and changes in regulation.

Identify new value propositions

  • Benchmark of video services innovation and best practices
    • Video on demand: Catch up, (S)VOD, Time shifted & recording
    • Multiscreen environment
    • New formats : HDR, UHD, Virtual reality
    • Video Everywhere : Professional video and entertainment
  • Players’ changing position on the value chain
    • Taking into account partners’ and competitors’ positions in vertical and horizontal markets
    • Tracking changing viewer habits: audience and surveys

Understand an ecosystem in a constant state of change

  • Technical and IP migration roadmap
    • Cloud solutions and software defined video
    • Big data, personalisation and monetisation
  • Adapting to new service distribution channels
    • New platforms and virality, OTT streaming and managed networks, connected devices
    • TV Everywhere: evolution of fixed and mobile (IP) video
  • Analysis of convergence issues and challenges
    • Economic analysis, competitive positioning
    • Training programmes

Define your strategic positioning and evaluate business models

  • Strategic positioning
    • Opportunities, threats and market uncertainties
    • Players’ strengths and weaknesses
    • Forward-looking analysis
    • Reconciling local vs. global issues
    • Definition of B2B, B2C or B2B2C approaches
  • Business model validation
    • Mapping and scaling your opportunities over time
    • Revenue and cost assessment
    • Identifying the right key performance indicators

Anticipate the impact of public policies and regulation

  • Media and audiovisual rights regulation
    • Digital Single Market and the AVMS directive
    • Content rights ownership: current issues and future outlook
  • Culture and media public policy impact assessment
    • Economic contribution of cultural and creative industries (at the local, national, European level)
    • Accompany the digital TV transition in developing countries
    • Internal and external communication tools (White Papers, seminars…)

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