Support and assistance through every strategic, economic, technical, financial and legal stage of your ultrafast rollout project

Our approach

Our consultants have proven, longstanding expertise in regional ultra-high-speed development, helping local authorities through every stage of their projects: from digital blueprint to awarding public service contracts, and monitoring their execution. We also assist private sector players in their market analyses and due diligence for these projects.

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We mobilise our skills and experience to enable local authorities to optimise their partnerships with telcos, contractors and manufacturers, providing them with expertise that is recognised in telecom markets in France, Europe and around the world. Time-tested experience that also allows us to conduct audits for private sector players.

Define regional digital development strategies

  • Status report of networks and services available in the region
  • Definition of regional digital development strategies
  • Technical, economic, financial backer and contractual scenarios for achieving regional coverage targets

Assist the contracting authority

  • Strategic, economic, technical, financial and legal assistance for local authorities launching an ultrafast rollout project
  • Production of consultation documents
  • Analyse tenders, supervise negotiations, advise on candidate selection, drafting of contracts
  • Mounting State and European (ERDF, Major Projects) subsidy application dossiers

Ensure project supervision and monitoring

  • Enforce private partners’ compliance with local authorities’ contractual obligations
  • Propose avenues for improvement in the execution of contracts
  • Assistance in amending existing contracts
  • Contract re-negotiations or terminations (e.g. public concession for cable networks)

Due diligence, lenders’ technical advisory, audits and market anal

  • Analysis of technical, economic and commercial risks of public-private regional digital development partnerships
  • Economic sensitivity analysis and modelling
  • Economic and commercial benchmark of ultrafast rollout schemes

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