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Carole Manero

Lead Wireless Analyst 5G and Wireless Services Practice Leader

This database includes 5G market forecasts in volume and value to 2028 by country and use case.

  • Subscriptions and revenues broken down into three business cases: eMBB, mMTC and uRLLC
  • Commercial launches & coverage
  • 5G pricing
  • 5G infrastructure suppliers
  • Carriers’ wireless and total CapEx
  • 5G spectrum

It also provides an overview of the global 6G situation.

  • 6G situation and initiatives around the world
  • Focus on 6G Europe projects and strategy.

Regions and countries covered
North America: Canada – USA
Asia-Pacific: China – India – Japan – South Korea
Europe: Belgium – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Italy – Poland – Spain – Sweden – Turkey – United Kingdom
Middle East: Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates