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Emarildo Bani

Consultant, IDATE Labs Business Unit

This study provides an overview of the state of voice assistants in the telecom and automotive industry. It embraces upcoming technologies, features, services and trends pertaining to voice assistant offerings by tech giants, telecom operators and car manufacturers.

The study includes conceptscase studies and companies that have been in the spotlight recently and are going to play a major role in shaping the market of voice in the years ahead.

The focus is on two voice assistant solutionssmart speakers and in-car voice assistants (both embedded software and stand-alone devices).

The study’s research also identifies the growth potential of emerging applications of voice assistants, including voice commerce, voice biometrics and other advances in speech technologies regarding voice-to-text capabilities.

Key figures:

  • An estimated 3.25 billion digital voice assistants in use, the vast majority being for entertainmentwith accessing music the most popular featureBy 2023 the number of digital voice assistants will reach some 8 billion units.