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Jacques Bajon

Director of studies

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This report examines the market for connected TV (CTV) services, solutions and devices.

The first part presents the segmentation of the CTV market as well as the main trends in the evolution of usages, the equipment rate and the place of advertising in the sector.

The detailed structure of the connected TV sector then positions the industry players by segment, including consumer electronics groups, audiovisual groups, Internet giants and telecom operators.

Next, the offer and positioning of major players in the connected TV ecosystem (Amazon, Comcast, Google, Roku, Samsung) are presented in detailed profiles.

Finally, the market prospect is discussed from the perspective of competition between the various players’ ecosystems or by taking into account the dynamics of the connected TV advertising market.

The latter is the subject of forecasts to 2026, in its CTV and addressable TV dimensions, at the global level and with US and Europe (Germany, France, UK) segmentations.