Nothing will ever be the same again…

In light of the unprecedented health crisis and the bipolarisation of the world between China and the United States, Europe must build an alternative path marked by its values and supported by its strengths, particularly in terms of innovation.

The 2021 edition of the DigiWorld Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of digital technology on our society, presents a summary of the publications produced by IDATE DigiWorld experts and is based on contributions from its Executive Clubs in Paris, London, Brussels and Rabat.

Table of contents

• Preface

Digital Green
• The pillars of a “responsible” digital
• Digital technology as both a problem and a solution to environmental problems
• The environmental impact of digital technology
• Climate action for the mobile industry
• Digital responsibility and transition in the territories
• Telcos and the environmental equation

Future of work
• The jobs of tomorrow
• The hybrid organisation
• New governance of organisations
• Interview – The learning organisation

• E-health: where we are – major trends
• The medicine of the future
• E-health new business models

Digital investment
• The role of donors
• Coordination between public and private investment
• Investment schemes

Ethics and digital
• Ethical issues related to digital technology

Digital in the world
• Digital World
• Digital Europe
• Digital USA
• Digital China
• Digital Africa

Recovery plans for the digital development program
• Digital sovereignty

Smart Territories
• Digital inclusion and territories
• Digital transition and the role of the local elected representative
• Smart cities
• Smart rurality

The place of data in tomorrow’s world • Increased trust in data
• Citizen services and service platforms

• Industry 4.0
• Logistics
• Agriculture
• Maritime
• Smart building

Mobilities of the future
• Autonomous vehicle
• Micromobility

Cybersecurity and Blockchain
• Cyber security et cyber resilience
• Blockchain in enterprise

• Television & video
• Cloud Gaming
• Music

Physical infrastructure
• Gigabit FTTH
• FTTH Rollouts: successes and challenges
• 5G
• 5G and network sharing
• Satellite and new constellations

Disruptive technologies
• Cloud computing
• Edge computing
• B2C augmented and virtual reality
• Artificial intelligence (AI)
• Quantum computing

Geographic area


Other details

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  • Tags: 5G, blockchain, cloud computing, cloud gaming, cybersecurity, digital green, edge computing, E-Health, ethics and digital, FTTH, future of work, industry 4.0., quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence, digital investment, music, responsible digital, augmented reality, virtual reality, satellite, smart building, Smart Territories, digital sovereignty, telehealth, Television, autonomous vehicle, Video

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