Communications & Strategies, the DigiWorld Economic Journal, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with this issue No. 100. For this jubilee issue, the Editors have collected contributions from leading economists who examine the links between digital innovation and the associated developments, directly or indirectly, in terms of productivity, growth and job creation. The guest authors do not all adopt the same angle of analysis nor do they all share the same theses… But, in reading this issue, you will discover a different way of thinking about the big questions raised by these topics.

Table of contents

Digital innovation vs. secular stagnation?


Edited by Gilbert CETTE & Yves GASSOT



by François BARRAULT, Chairman of IDATE


by Emmanuel MACRON, French Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital affairs


by the Editors





Secular Stagnation on the Supply Side:
U.S. Productivity Growth in the Long Run
Robert J. GORDON


Digital Technologies and the Global Economy’s Productivity Imperative


Which Role for ICTs as a Productivity Driver
Over the Last Years and the Next Future?
Gilbert CETTE


The Future of Productivity
Improving the Diffusion of Technology and Knowledge


Productivity and Digitilization in Europe:
Paving the Road to Faster Growth
Bart van ARK


Modern Communication Technology and its Economic Impact:
A Survey of Research Findings
M. Ishaq NADIRI & Banani NANDI


Current Perspectives on the Employment Impact
of Digital Technologies
Stéphane CIRIANI & Pascal PERIN


Polarization of Job Losses: Canada and the USA, the Role of ICT


Specialization in ICT: the Effects of European Integration





Joel MOKYR, Northwestern University
Conducted by Gilbert CETTE & Yves GASSOT


Mark T. BOHR, Intel
Conducted by Gilbert CETTE & Yves GASSOT


Philippe AGHION, College de France; London School of Economics
Conducted by Gilbert CETTE & Yves GASSOT



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Digital innovation vs. secular stagnation?

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