The Economy of Telecoms community focuses on the transformation of the telecom markets and ecosystem and is structured around 4 axes / issues: 

  • Understand the regulatory, technological and industrial issues of the sector, 
  • Evaluate the prospects of new markets,
  • Measure the evolution of markets, by geography and by segment, 
  • Anticipate changes in operators’ business models.

    The community will address the themes at the heart of current events for telecom players:
  • Covid Impact: situation and perspectives of the sector in times of pandemic, evolution compared to other sectors of the digital economy, 
  • Growth relay: new activities, monetization, new services, upsell/cross-sell strategies, next gen telcos
  • Investment: how to maintain or even increase the effort (fixed and mobile HSBB needs) in a context of low growth and pressure on margins? What are the concrete options (concentration, co-investment, public aid, etc.)? 
  • Regulation: what role/perimeter for regulators in the long term in the face of the changing dimensions of the issues? From sector regulation to common law (anti-trust, consumer law…)?
    From telecoms to the digital economy?

Economy of Telecoms Community Leader