Our experts provide to our Members – and non-member organisations if available space permits – Deep Dive Workshops dedicated to issues that are key to the future of our sectors.

Why take part in these Workshops ?

  • Knowledge and understanding of the technological developments and new business models must be shared, in a world of open innovation, where prior, precompetitive discussions lay the groundwork for partnerships that are crucial to rolling out new products and services.
  • Participants benefit from in-depth analysis, understand potential partners’ expectations and initiate collaboration strategies by bringing different viewpoints to a common purpose, by working to find points of convergence between their market positions and by thinking together about possible futures.
  • With these collaborative research programmes, the DigiWorld Institute offers enterprises and public authorities an opportunity to combine access to our consultants’ expertise and to construct a common approach.

IDATE DigiWorld and the development of a common vision !

2018 Programme themes

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How does the programme work?

  • Workshops: three to four workshops are held for each theme: heavy emphasis on discussions between think tank members, which accounts for more than half of the workshop time.
  • A range of deliverables: IDATE DigiWorld background presentations (produced for each of the three workshops and supplied prior to each to allow members to prepare), talks from guest experts and a summary report by IDATE DigiWorld consultants on the key conclusions and points raised.
  • Interaction and networking opportunities: an average of 10+ companies and institutions participate in each of the programme’s themes.

How to take part ?

All you need to do is sign up for your topic(s) of choice and register a maximum two representatives per company. Members enjoy preferential rates, including discounts for those who participate in two or more think tanks.

IDATE DigiWorld is a certified training organisation.

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