Join the DigiWorld Institute Executive Clubs

Every month, DigiWorld Executive Clubs allow industry thought-shapers and Institute Member representatives to discuss a topic in the news.

  • Monthly meetings: every Monday in London, Wednesday in Paris and Thursday in Brussels, over breakfast from 8 to 10 am, hosted in turn by Members.
  • Themes : the meetings are an opportunity for discussion and interaction between Members over the previous weeks’ news, illustrating the diversity of sectors that make up the digital economy, and particularly the telecom, internet, media and vertical (energy, healthcare, transport, finance…) industries. Introduced by a Member, the meetings hand the floor over to a special guest speaker or IDATE DigiWorld expert, with particular emphasis on international experiences.
  • Participants : the two people designated by each DigiWorld Institute Member are executives who represent the different facets of Institute’s work and reflective processes: technology, marketing, strategy and regulation.
  • Confidentiality : The discussions and opinions expressed during Club meetings are not publicised in any way, either on social media nor by written account (Chatham House rule applies).


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