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Carole Manero

Lead Wireless Analyst 5G and Wireless Services Practice Leader

Globally, the Middle East has geared up for 5G faster than other regions. Indeed, mobile 5G was commercially launched in June 2019 in the Middle East region and in 2018 for fixed wireless services.

5G is commercially available in six countries as of early 2020: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia. Nine players provide 5G services on FWA and/or mobile modes.  

GCC states are leading in 5G thanks to a strong 4G adoption and heavy government support. 

5G Middle East IDATE

By 2023, commercial launches will take place in 6 other Middle Eastern countries: Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Iran.    

Our report 5G Markets in the Middle East analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in the Middle East with the arrival of the fifth mobile generation. 

It explores the driving forces behind the market growth and changes and it includes volume and value market forecasts up to 2026 by country and use cases. 

Forecasts up to 2026 by country and region: 

  • 5G revenues by use case 
  • 5G subscriptions by use case 

For more information on our 5G Markets in the Middle East study, contact us! 

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