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Carole Manero

Director of Studies

Towards more regulatory intervention in assigning spectrum

The advent of 5G and the use of medium and higher frequencies have changed the game. Prices seem to have fallen and interventionist actions have increased.

Radio spectrum is a vital asset for MNOs and a key resource for regulators and citizens.

Radio spectrum used by mobile networks (below 3 GHz) has always been scarce, which pushes MNOs to opt for new spectrum usage techniques.

The main reason for spectrum pricing is to promote efficient use of spectrum and to ensure services for all.

  • How have spectrum prices evolved over the period 2000-2021?
  • How have the components of spectrum pricing changed?
  • The market of edge computing is shaping up but no killer app is identified yet. IDATE Digiworld benchmarked 174 deployments as of April 2021 with a predominance of PoCs and tests.