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Carole Manero

Director of Studies

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Three years after its launch, 5G is approaching adolescence. The telecom industry is under pressure to provide seamless, fast and reliable 5G connections and has made and is still making large investments to meet the demands.
By the end of 2022, it would have been launched by more than 80 countries and in 200+ networks around the world. It continues to be rolled out globally and is gradually integrating new features.

This report analyses the state of the art of 5G and the key challenges for 5G and beyond.
It explores the key challenges and driving forces behind market growth and change.
It includes 5G market forecasts in volume and value to 2027 by country and use case.

Regions and countries covered

  • North America: USA – Canada
  • Asia-Pacific: South Korea – China – Japan – India
  • Europe: Belgium – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Italy – Poland – Spain – Sweden – Turkey – United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Qatar – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia