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Post written by:

Jacques Bajon

Consultant, Market Intelligence Business Unit / Media, distribution, telecom-media convergence

This report analyses the dynamics and momentum of the programmatic TV market from the perspective of its two main points of entry: addressable TV and connected TV.

It begins with a snapshot of national deployments in the United States and five major European countries, providing an analysis of the solutions offered by the leading players in these markets.
The second part looks at the solutions being marketed by the leading providers: media and telecoms companies and independent players.
It concludes with market forecasts up to 2024 for the addressable TV and connected TV video advertising segments.

Along the way, it answers the following questions:

  • Will the addressable TV market develop in Europe?
  • What are the keys to the success for addressable TV and connected TV markets?
  • Who are the trailblazers?
  • What is the market outlook for the next five years?

Key figures:

  • Addressable TV, which enables household-level targeted advertising, will generate 11.4 billion EUR in ad revenue worldwide in 2024.
  • IDATE DigiWorld estimates the global smart TV video ad market at 22.2 billion EUR in 2024, driven largely by the US.