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Vincent Bonneau

IDATE Lab. Business Unit Director

IDATE Digiworld providing its ranking of Future Technologies, this time for 2030.

One major new trend for 2030: Quantum leap

Quantum computing is outpacing (by far) all other technologies as the key technology to master in 2030.

Our study places the key digital technologies which will be adopted by 2030 into a broad yet deep perspective.

Its ranking of the most promising technologies in the period ahead is based on a diversity of sources. They range from existing third-party analyses and the founded viewpoints of the IDATE DigiWorld technology analyst to an extensive survey held among a community of technology experts and innovators.

Beyond the ranking, the study offers an analysis of the survey results, presenting aspects not only of the future of technology but also how they could affect business ecosystems and market uptake. It covers five domains: hardware, software/IT, network and telecommunications, user experiences and interfaces, and cybersecurity.

In all, over 50 technologies were considered as part of the survey.

To deepen the perspective even further, the report reassesses the evolution of previous forecasts in earlier IDATE studies of key technologies. The outcome is a roadmap of innovations which reflects the maturity and adoption levels of technologies in the time ahead.

To find out more about this report, see the detailed online presentation or drop us a line.