With the coronavirus crisis, local authorities are also facing an acceleration of their digital transformationEven if this transformation, born with the deployment of telecom infrastructures, is not new, all local authorities at all levels must now transform their own organization through digital technology in order to remain competitive at the national and European levels and find levers in a context of strong financial constraintsIn addition, they must maintain the link with citizens who expect the same level of service as that offered by private companies and the guarantee of secure processing of their personal data.

The aim of the “Smart Territories” community is to study, for and with local authorities, their problems related to information systems (master plans, digital usage and services plans, pooling of resources between public players, etc.), the implementation of digital platforms, data governance, etc., and to provide them with the keys to become players in their digital transformation. 

In addition to the above topics, the community will also offer:

  • to study the feasibility of an observatory of the digital transformation of small communities (municipalities and communities of municipalities),
  • implement awareness-raising actions on the challenges of digital transformation for small communities within the scope of IDATE DigiWorld Members (M3M, CR IDF, CR Gd-Est…)
  • to organise an event where communities could share their experiences and problems, or even current issues.

Smart Territories: Service platforms, Information Systems​ Community Leader