This study reviews the current state of broadband markets in Europe and North America
It presents the latest developments observed on these markets and the emerging trends for consumer broadband
The potential of satellite broadband over these regions is analyzed in detail, as well as the strategies adopted by the main satellite players involved in this market.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Governmental initiatives & national broadband plans in the USA and Europe

4. Broadband market dynamics

5. What challenges and opportunities for satellite?

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Geographic area & Players

Europe North America
  • United States


Terrestrial broadband market dynamics
• The migration towards ultra fast broadband continues
• LTE coverages are improving, but are still limited in rural areas
• LTE is increasingly being used as a fixed technology

The satellite broadband market remains marginal
• Challenges remain ahead

Market forecasts up to 2018
• The market will register sustained growth

Other details

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