In the last decade, we have seen drastic changes in this industry, mainly stemming from technological advances, but also from the process of market liberalization especially in communications network operation. As EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive is being revised within the context of the Digital Single Market programme of the Commission, this issue of the Digiworld Economic Journal aims to discuss the main issues and to contribute to the overall discussion.

Table of contents

Towards a single digital audiovisual market?


Edited by Sally BROUGHTON MICOVA, Alexandre JOLIN, Jan LOISEN & Thomas PARIS

    Foreword by Yves GASSOT, Director of Publication   Introduction by the Editors  


  The European Audiovisual Industry and the Digital Single Market: Trends, Issues and Policies Alain BUSSON, Thomas PARIS & Jean Paul SIMON   Public Service Media and the European Internal Market: Friends or Allies? Karen DONDERS   Cultural Diversity in the Internet Age: In Search of New Tools that Work Mira BURRI    


  Lorena BOIX ALONSO, EC-DG Connect Conducted by Sally BROUGHTON MICOVA   Nicolas CURIEN & Nathalie SONNAC, CSA Conducted by Alexandre JOLIN   Adam MINNS, COBA Conducted by Sally BROUGHTON MICOVA    

Extra papers

  Out of the Blue: the Rise of CDN Networks Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI & Jean-Paul SIMON  


  Regulation and Competition • Contribution on the Public Consultation on Directive 2010/13/Eu on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD) André LANGE • TV in the Digital Single Market Impact of Current Regulatory Changes on the Audiovisual Value Chain Florence LE BORGNE   Firms and Markets • Audiovisual Industry Going Global Alexandre JOLIN   Book Review Michael WOLFF, Television Is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media In the Digital Age By Rémy LE CHAMPION   Contributor biographies   Service Section   Events • 18th IIF Workshop Forecasting New Products and Services: Research and Applications Politecnico di Milano, Milano Bovisa - May 12th & 13th, 2016 For information and registration: • 2016 ITS Biennial Conference Taipei, Taiwan - 26-29 June 2016 Conference Web Site: • DigiWorld Future Paris Paris, Palais Brongniart - 14 June 2016 • DigiWorld Summit 2016 Montpellier - 15/16/17 November 2016   Guide for authors   Our Dossiers

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