The Sharing Economy refers to the platform concept: an intermediation that efficiently matches supply and demand or two users. But by applying itself to both market exchanges (Uber) and non-market exchanges (Wikipedia), the sharing economy has revitalized questions about the place of the non-market economy and the conditions for its coexistence with the capitalist economy. It also implicitly tackles the issue of trust at the heart of the digital transaction, as well as the power of the “multitude” so potent in the exercise of “recommendation”.

This No. 108 issue of our DigiWorld Economic Journal provides academic contributions, perspectives, and well-thought opinions on the idea of the “sharing economy”.
The dossier, along with the interviews with Frédéric MAZZELLA, CEO of Blablacar and Professor Guy STANDING, provide relevant materials for reflection around the evolution and the future of the “sharing economy“.

Table of contents

Edited by Anders HENTEN, Denis LESCOP, Jean Paul SIMON & Bruno SORIA

by Jacques MOULIN, Executive Director of Publication

by the Editors


Lobbying as Rhetorical Framing in the “Sharing Economy”: a case study on the limits and crisis of the Evidence Based Policy Paradigm

Platforms at the Heart of New Form of Labour
Patrice FLICHY

The Rise and Fall of Take Eat Easy, or Why Markets are not Easy to Take in the Sharing Economy

More generous for small favour? Exploring the Role of Monetary and Pro-Social Incentives of Daily Ride Sharing Using a Field Experiment
in Rural Île-de-France
Dianzhuo ZHU


Frédéric MAZZELLA, BlaBlaCar
Conducted by Yves GASSOT

Guy STANDING, SOAS University of London
Conducted by Anders HENTEN & Iwona WINDEKILDE

Extra paper
Network Sharing and 5G in Europe: The Potential Benefits of Using SDN or NFV
J. Scott MARCUS & Gabor MOLNAR


Regulation and Competition
Universal Basic Internet as a Freemium Business Model to Connect the Next Billion
Steve ESSELAAR, Steve SONG & Christoph STORK

Strategic Implications of Embedded SIM for the Competitive Landscape in the Mobile Telecommunications Consumer Segment
Dr. Christian WERNICK & Dr. Christin Isabel GRIES

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The Sharing Economy: Myths and Realities

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