This issue of our DigiWorld Watch Service presents our experts’ views on the following key topics:

  • Is FTTH the only solution?
  • Europe on the superfast track
  • FTTH in emerging countries

It also includes the latest superfast broadband market trends including: World FTTx market, Gigabit Nations, Monetising Fibre,… as well as a chronicle of the latest industry news.

Table of contents


IDATE DigiWorld Experts’ Interviews

  • Is FTTH the only solution ?
    Jean-Luc Lemmens, Head of Media-Telecom Business Unit
  • Europe on the superfast track – On a path between Asia and the United States
    Roland Montagne, Broadband & FTTx markets Expert
  • FTTH in emerging Countries – Four scenarios to a better understanding of the deployment dynamics
    Samuel Beltran, Consultant, Media-Telecom Business Unit

Market Insights

  • World FTTx Market
  • Gigabit Nations – Ultrafast access markets and players
  • Monetising fibre – Competitive pressure pushing operators to monetise fibre beyond their core business
  • G. Fast – The second Wave?


  • Chronicle of the latest industry news, March 2018

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  • Languages available: English
  • Tags: fibre, FTTH, FTTx,, Gigabit, Superfast broadband

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