This study examines how the growth of OTT is impacting consumption, production and distribution of premium content, namely sport, films and TV fiction.
It explores the roles that each of these content types will play in the coming years and looks at how their funding will be affected depending on the development scenario of the audiovisual sector.

  • It first explains how this content is produced, consumed, distributed and financed while highlighting the major regional differences.
  • It then looks at how OTT is currently disrupting the sector and examines the way in which stakeholders are adapting to this disruption.
  • Finally, it uses four scenarios for how the audiovisual sector could develop to identify the challenges that producers and premium rights holders will face in the coming years as they seek financing and exposure for their content.

Geographic area



  • ARD
  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Atresmedia
  • Baidu
  • BBC
  • BeIN Sports
  • Canal+
  • Central European Media Enterprises
  • Channel 4
  • Comcast/NBC Universal
  • Disney
  • DR
  • ESPN
  • Euroleague Basketball
  • Eurosport
  • Facebook
  • France TV
  • Google / YouTube / Google Play
  • HBO
  • Hulu
  • LaLiga
  • Mediapro
  • Netflix
  • NRK
  • Perform Group/DAZN
  • PGA Tour
  • Premier League
  • RAI
  • RMC Sport
  • RTL Group
  • RUV
  • Serie A
  • Sky
  • SVT
  • Tencent
  • TF1
  • Twitter
  • UEFA
  • UFC
  • Warner
  • WOW! Unlimited Media
  • Xilam
  • Yle
  • ZDF

Other details

  • Reference: M19230MRA
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  • Languages available: French, English
  • Tags: audiovisual sector, content consumption, content distribution, content funding, content production, film sector economy, OTT, premium content, series sector economy, sport sector economy, TV fiction

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Sport, films, series: funding in the age of OTT

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