This document presents the work performed by the “Digital Sovereignty” Commission chaired by IDATE Digiworld, from June to November 2020, through a series of interviews, five virtual and in-person workshops devoted to discussing the proposals to be implemented, and a final workshop on the Commission’s findings, held on 1 December 2020 during the Digiworld Summit.

Working group participants included private companies (Atos, OVH, Orange, Seclab, Ledger, PwC, ESA, Jamespot, Credit Mutuel, Blue Maple Ventures, Inetum, Nuageo, Cabinet Racine, Atrium Data, Dassault Systèmes, SNCF), from start-ups to large corporations, as well as public sector stakeholders. (CNRS, ANSSI, BPI France, CNIL, Banque des Territoires, Région Ile de France, Assemblée Nationale).

Debates over digital sovereignty – which, given how central digital technology has become to both the economy and society, are now a vital part of any form of sovereignty – are making headlines across Europe. Digital sovereignty is not (only) protectionism designed to enable Europe to close the sizeable digital technology gap, but rather needs to be viewed above all as developing a capacity for autonomous innovation, to ensure citizens’ well-being and enterprises’ prosperity, as well as the capacity for independent decision making within an open environment, and so the ability to control every critical element.

IDATE DigiWorld proposes 4 key dimensions for a sovereign digital Europe covering 18 proposals (“E” 4 Europe):

  • Exceptionalism
  • Excellence
  • Ecosystem
  • Education

Download for free the analyses and conclusions of the committee’s work!

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  • Reference: WP20002A
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  • Tags: digital sovereignty

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Digital sovereignty in Europe

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