This report analyses the smart utilities solution market development.

  • It presents the key stakes and challenges the energy sector is currently facing.
  • The key use cases are also described in detail.
  • It also analyses the key enabling technologies which are embedded in these use cases
  • The key opportunities for the main energy players in other sectors are also examined.
  • It reviews the main drivers and barriers to the development of the smart utilities market.
  • It also shows how the topic of cybersecurity is crucial in this vertical market.
  • It concludes with volume forecasts in terms of use cases, and a breakdown by technology.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Market trends in power & utilities industry
• Key stakes – Opportunities – Challenges
• Key megatrends in the utilities and power sectors
• Benefits of connectivity
• Power industry challenges and priorities

3. Use cases and new opportunities
3.1. Key use cases
3.2. Technological stakes

4. New opportunities and advanced services
4.1. B2B2C – Smart building & energy management
4.2. B2G – Smart cities
4.3. B2C – Silver economy (home care)
4.4. Case studies

5. Cybersecurity challenges
5.1. Key challenges
5.2. Certifications
5.3. Best practices & recommendations

6. Market analysis – Trends and recommandations
6.1. Market dynamics
6.2. Market sizing

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Other details

  • Reference: M00051MRA
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  • Languages available: English
  • Tags: connectivity, cybersecurity, energy, iot, power industry, silver economy, smart building, smart cities, smart utilities

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