This report analyses the adoption of private 5G networks.

• It presents the monitoring of private 5G networks worldwide since 2018.
• It also analyses the regulation of spectrum allocation for private networks (main initiatives by regulators).
• In a final section, it presents the key insights of this monitoring.
• The attached Excel file also lists the main private 5G networks (non-exhaustive list) with some details around:
– Geographical areas
– Verticals/applications
– Stakeholders
– Additional information including KPIs, type of use case, etc.

Table of contents

1. Executive summary

2. Technology reminders
• Private networks: definition and characteristics
• Overview of private mobile networks
• Key components of a private mobile network
• Cost model for a private wireless network deployment
• Transition from 4G to 5G network
• Expected technical benefits of 5G
• Key 5G enabling technologies for industry solutions
• Countries expected to set aside mobile spectrum for private licensing
• Main 5G IoT use cases

3. Benchmark analysis
• Regional location of industrial and end users deploying private 5G networks
• Share of private 5G implementations per country
• Number of implementations of private 5G and major verticals
• Private 5G applications
• Initiative stage of private 5G development
• Hardware providers share in private 5G deployments
• Focus on manufacturing

Geographic area


Other details

  • Reference: M00048MRA
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  • Languages available: English
  • Tags: 5G, 5G IoT, mobile networks, mobile spectrum, private 5G applications, private 5G networks, private licensing, private networks, wireless network

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