The Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is a key segment of fiber-based networks, the ODN represent about 60% of the total cost needed for connecting a household to an FTTx network. It is therefore paramount for telecommunications operators to optimize ODN equipment features and internal resource use.

Based on recent work performed by IDATE DigiWorld, we propose a White Paper providing with a perspective of this very competitive market.

It provides a forward-looking view of the evolution of the size of the market and analyses how innovation allows some equipment manufacturers to differentiate themselves.

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Table of contents

1. FTTx Solutions and ODN

2. ODN Market Dynamics

3. Key Lessons from ODN Innovation

4. How Will the ODN Equipment Market Size Evolve?

Other details

  • Reference: WP20005A
  • Delivery: on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Languages available: English
  • Tags: FTTx, Optical Distribution Network, ODN

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Optical Distribution Network (ODN)

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