This dossier offers articles covering aspects that follow the links between international trade and digital transformation.

It aims to document further assumptions about the shift toward digitisation of goods and services and the way it has impacted global trade, and how increased connectivity is changing the cross-border flows of goods and services (including data).

Interviews gathered from Professor GRIMES (Emeritus Professor, NUI Galway) and that of A.H. MAMDOUH (Director of the Trade in Services division of the WTO) provide additional angles to some of the issues addressed in this issue of the Journal.

Table of contents


Trends in Global ICT Trade
Stéphane CIRIANI & Pascal PERIN

Cross-Border Data Flows and Growth in Europe
Jacques BUGHIN

International ICT Trade Dynamics 2004-2014: an explorative network analysis
Riccardo RIGHI, Sofia SAMOILI, Montserrat LOPEZ-COBO & Giuditta De PRATO

Implications of the GATS for Digital Trade and Digital Trade Barriers in Services

New Legal Design for Digital Commerce in Free Trade Agreements

What Efficiency and What Future for the Cultural Quotas in the Digital Age?
Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI

Conducted by Bruno LANVIN
Séamus GRIMES, NUI Galway
Conducted by Yves GASSOT

Regulation and Competition
IT in Asia: Asia Comes Into its Own
Jean Paul SIMON
Digital Ecosystem Management: a new frontier?
Henri TCHENG, Jean-Michel HUET & Sylvain CHEVALLIER

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22nd ITS Biennial Conference – Call for Papers
Seoul, Korea, 24-27 June 2018
DigiWorld Summit 2017
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