This issue of our DigiWorld Watch service provides a prospective analysis of the key technological innovations for 2025.
The aim is to identify the most important digital technologies to be mastered by 2025. In the sense that these technologies will provide players that control and/or master them a strong competitive advantage in the markets of 2025 and that they will have become fully mature and largely deployed by this date, representing significant markets.

The Watch provides a wrap up of key innovations identified a few years ago for 2020 to put new results in perspective. It then provides a complete ranking of top technologies by 2025 overall and per category of technologies (software/IT, hardware, UI and displays, telecom), as a result of our methodology combining internal brainstorm, third party interviews and desk review.

It identifies a shift towards more hardware-based technologies enabled by software to provide phygital solutions (mixing digital and physical).

It finally provides an assessment of market sizing for main technologies by 2025, showing discrepancies between the technologies generating the most revenues and the most strategic ones by 2025.

This issue also includes a chronicle of the latest digital industry news as well as an update on what our teams are up to.

Table of contents

Innovation 2025
1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Innovation 2020
3.1. 2014 forecasts: technology ranking
3.2. Breakdown of digital innovations

4. Key Technologies for 2025
4.1. Technology ranking
4.2. A major shift in focus
4.3. Key software and IT technologies
4.4. Key hardware technologies
4.5. Key display and user interface technologies
4.6. Key telecom and network technologies

5. Innovation-driven markets for 2025
5.1. Mainstream technologies
5.2. Big bets or niche markets?
5.3. Wild cards and long shots
5.4. Overall market for key digital technologies by 2025

6. Appendix

Chronical for November 2017

Geographic area


Other details

  • Reference: M17609A
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  • Languages available: English
  • Tags: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, Digital technologies, energy storage, Innovation, iot, key technologies, mobile apps, robotics, security technologies, smart machines

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