For several years now, we have been watching the digital revolution accelerate exponentially, alongside the emergence of increasingly impressive technologies – 5G, AI, mixed reality, blockchain, etc. – which are having an impact on every market and every market player: ICT, manufacturing, energy, transport, retail, health…

If digital technology’s influence on the economy has been clear for some time, and can now be anticipated, the digital transformation of society and of citizens themselves is giving rise to predictions and projections that can sound like something out of science-fiction or fantasy land: digital implants, augmented humans, consciousness transfers, immortality or DNA digital data storage.

But, even if they are not all quite so spectacular or even noticeable, the effects of digital technology on “human” evolution are already multifarious and profoundly altering society and its citizens, with new uses and behaviours that are driving a massive transformation at several levels: locally (cities, municipal services…), in public policy-makers’ thinking, in the area of ethical issues, value creation…

This report presents the proceedings of this two-day conference, with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, as well as many of our members and partners and of course IDATE DigiWorld
teams – who helped us to deepen our understanding of the multiple facets of this Homo Digitalis who is already among us:
• Plennary session
• Future of housing
• Inclusion and digital
• Data protection and cybersecurity

Table of contents

Market Insights

Homo Digitalis – Plenary session
1. Should society fear digital ubiquity?
2. Businesses’ digital transformation: societal issues (too)
3. The unexpected effects of the digital transformation

Future of Housing – More human and more artificial intelligence
1. Executive Summary
2. Will smart home and building markets finally take off?
3. Artificial intelligence: smart home disruptor
4. The citizen as link between the smart home and smart city

Inclusion and digital – Diversity: a vital ingredient for enabling innovation
1. Executive summary
2. Inclusion: digital industry development driver
3. Fostering more inclusive behaviour in the workplace
4. Rethinking the workplace to foster inclusion

Data protection and cybersecurity – Trust issues
1. Executive summary
2. Current status and future outlook for European regulation
3. How to reconcile data protection with time-to-market and innovation imperatives?


Chronicles for May and June 2018

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